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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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Ozone Story Tech

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Imagine Feature Film Quality Characters in Real-Time

Ozone empowers artists to create feature film quality characters in half the time. With Ozone you rig once and deploy your characters anywhere. TV, Film, and Games... all using the same asset.

Realtime Subdivs
in Engine

Rig Low Poly Cages, Not Dense Meshes

Work with Less Points

Fewer points in the rig means TDs can make quicker changes. All enabled by unlocking SubDs in Unreal Engine.

Work in Parallel

Rigs can be updated independently, allowing continuous work on animation & lighting during updates.

More than a Two Hammer Toolbox (Joints & Blendshapes)

Experience the freedom of more deformation options with Ozone deformers. Imagine an additive deformation system, where each deformer has its own independent weights that layer together to build uncompromised final shapes.

Final Shot
Hierarchy of Weights
Hierarchy of Weights

We don’t use normalized weights. Our weight maps are additive.

Order of Operations
Order of Operations

Independent deformers within the layered, order of operations system, can be muted and reordered to give different final deformation results.

Independent Weights
Independent Weights

Each deformer can have it’s own weight map. This allows for broader effects with no need to process them to work together.

Animated Weights
Animated Weights

Artists can achieve complex deformations with fewer deformers by using weights that can be dynamically altered.

Ozone is a Complete Character Solution

Ozone is a Force Multiplier

Crafted by Top Industry Experts. Ozone includes advanced rigging tools and a Rig Library built on decades of expertise, ready for immediate use. Artists can utilize these elements to instantly create more visually appealing characters.

Qualification Standards

Available to You

We come from various disciplines but you can count on us, having worked in production…under real pressure, with real deadlines getting real work done.

Industry Professional Training

Theory is important, and it has its place, with the Ozone team behind you we’ll help navigate complex production issues.

Empowering your Team

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and teach you how to use them. If you're a small or medium size team, we give you the power to compete with large studios.

Ozone Rig Library

Spend More Time Making Art and Less Time Fighting Technology

Extensive Rig Library
Extensive Rig Library

Ozone rigs are designed to provide the highest possible quality for your artists to use without having to build them from scratch.

Active Library
Active Library

We continue to create new rigs and provide them to our customers.

Ozone Characters Are Fast. Everywhere.

Ozone deformers run in real-time, allowing animators to focus on creating art, not waiting for slow rigs.

From Layout to Render - 1 Asset

Ozone's speed enables layout artists and animators to both work with the same asset efficiently. Ozone boosts productivity, allowing artists to complete 20-30% more work weekly.

Scales with More Assets

Ozone enables real-time work with multiple characters, leading to more contextual animation and quicker shot finalization in Maya, Unreal, and anywhere you use Ozone.

“We never had a shot that took longer than 90 seconds to load during our production.”

Emmanuel Laurent - Head of Production, RFX

Animate with Unbounded Exaggeration

Ozone rigs empower animators to take character performances to new heights, requiring less rigging support.

Less Fragile

Ozone rigs are built on a robust deformer foundation that is not dependent on blend shapes, resulting in far greater performance ranges.

More Control

Ozone rigs offer animators enhanced control over shapes and silhouettes, surpassing traditional rigging methods.

Effortless Animation
and In-Engine Review

Our clips allow fast updates and revisions without Alembic bloat and bottlenecks. Our Rigs /Actors allow live revision in context at quality levels uncacheable with FBX

Courtesy of ReelFX & Netflix

Ozone Clips Means No Alembics
  • Create and save reusable clips in the Maya clip library.
  • Connect a clip from one animation and reuse it for other actors in the same scene or in new scenes for both Maya & Unreal.
  • Replace clips via command line & script editor leveraging our API.

No Retraining Required

Animators can seamlessly integrate Ozone with their current setups, interfaces, and puppet systems.

Ozone Provides Meaningful Production Savings

Animation Savings

$0.02/sec, each shot import/export once per week, for 104 person-weeks

Working Hours Saved††

Animator + Layout time over 104 weeks

Storage Saved

One clip export per scene, once per week=350GB down from 3500GB

42% Savings for Hybrid Asset Creation†††

Reusing the same assets and exporting to both Film/TV & games

Read Case Study

Achieve Feature-Quality Final Frames with Unprecedented Ease

Ozone stands alone in providing feature film-quality, fully GPU-accelerated, multi-level subdivision surfaces in real-time. Its clip format enables live, in-context editing for instant adjustments.

Wireframe Render

Ozone Clip Format: Unlock Exceptional Efficiency

The innovative .o3c clip format revolutionizes both traditional and non-traditional Linear Content Creation workflows. Utilizing this format accelerates import and export speeds, significantly enhancing efficiency.

Ozone vs. Alembic Clip Comparison*

Up to
90% smaller clip size

when compared to traditional alembics.

Our next generation clip format allows animation teams to import and export data at 2x speed of traditional pipelines.

Up to
70% faster export

when compared to traditional alembics.

Because our clips are smaller productions save a significant amount of time on the trip out of Maya.

Up to
90% faster import

time when importing into Unreal Engine.

Our clips are smaller which means you save time importing into DCCs like Unreal Engine.

No Compromises Required

FBX: Fast and efficient, yet lacks flexibility. Alembic: Delivers high-quality results but is inflexible, cumbersome, and slow. Ozone Clips: Combine speed and efficiency with unparalleled quality, requiring no compromises.

Make Live Edits Right Up to the Final Render

Animate in Engine

We bypass normalized weights; our weight maps utilize an additive approach.

Animate with Live Layers in Engine

Our rigs stay live. Using standard channels in the engine, all existing features remain available.

Courtesy of ReelFX & Netflix

Adapt on Your Terms

Ozone enables a flexible adaptation to industry changes, letting animators work in their preferred environments.

Effortless Integration

Incorporate Ozone into your workflow seamlessly. It's fully compatible with FBX, Alembic, and other character assets.

Accepts Any Input Source

Whether it's Mocap, Blueprints, Direct Manipulation, or Control Rigs, Ozone can handle input from any source.

Plays Nice with Others

Continue to use all your favorite production tools with Ozone system to bring your characters to life.

System & Software Requirements

Ozone is a plugin compatible with both Maya and Unreal Engine, tailored to various use cases. It currently supports many versions of Maya & Unreal Engine, with plans to expand compatibility later this year.

Usage requires installation of either Unreal Engine or Maya.

Digital Content Creator (DCC) Supported Versions Coming Soon
Unreal Engine UE 5.0.3 (Legacy Ozone), UE 5.3.2 UE 5.4
Maya Maya 2023* Maya 2024, Maya 2025
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 11 Mac Os, Linux

* It is strongly encouraged that Maya patch versions be installed and kept up-to-date.

Experience Ozone powered characters in your pipeline.

Explore Ozone characters in your workflow. In this early access phase, we're seeking partners eager to unlock all the benefits Ozone offers, with availability limited to those ready to fully embrace Ozone's potential in their unique pipelines.

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Production Benefits of Ozone

Read our case studies to learn more
Smaller Rig File Size

Rigs created with Ozone are smaller on disk than traditional rigs.

90% Reduction in UE Import Time

Our clips are efficient, saving time on import into DCCs like Unreal Engine.

90% Smaller Clip Files Size vs. Alembics

Clip format contains only the animation data, resulting in fast export and import times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I use Ozone characters with Motion Capture?

    Yes, the Ozone deformer can be driven driven by any existing animation puppet or motion capture source with the proper connections.
  • What is an Ozone Clip?

    An Ozone Clip is a portable, light weight animation storage for Ozone characters. This lets you export or update animation in Unreal for your Ozone characters quickly and get a 1 to 1 identical results from Maya, without Alembic cache bloat and overhead.
  • Can I use my Ozone Subdivs with my existing skinned mesh?

    Not currently, but if your production needs this ability please schedule a meeting with us and find out how we can help you.
  • Can I animate with Control Rig in Unreal with an Ozone character?

    Yes, it is possible to hook up the Control Rig as a driving input into the Ozone deformer node.
  • How much does it cost?

    Please contact us for pricing information.
  • Do I have to use Modo to use Ozone?

    No, you can use Maya to rig your own models with our .o3r Ozone rig components including fitting them to your mesh and editing the weighting. Modo currently required for this version in order to change or edit a Master Rig Component for bespoke characters.
  • Do you have an Ozone reader for Animators or Rendering clients to open and use the file?

    You will need have enough Ozone licenses for your production, there isn't separate pricing for Ozone features.
  • What is the Master Rig Library?

    The Master Rig Library contains over 300 building blocks and finished assembled rig systems built and design to create beautiful deformations with less effort when applied to your character.
  • Do you provide training on using Ozone to rig a character?

    Yes we provide training resources and a Discord support community to make sure you benefit from the Ozone way of rigging.
  • Can you stop paying for Ozone and still use the rigs?

    You will need to have an active license in order to use the Ozone technology.

Support and Learning

Reach out via our support request form to gain access to free training and learning.

† Assumes each shot in the film was exported and imported 1x per week, over the course of production (104 weeks), multiplied by the average animator hourly rate.
†† Estimated time saved for file export/import, o3b vs Alembic format, assuming each shot was exported/imported 1x per week, over the course of production. (104 weeks)
‡ Assumes average Alembic export size of 180MB, each shot versioned 1x per week, over the course of production. (104 weeks)
††† Assumes that the same budget for rigging and topology is applied to both the game and film asset. Savings are based on 7 distinct characters.
* Results have been taken across several different assets giving us an averaged result that we’re sharing. Every production and asset is different and there is no guarantee that your time savings will match exactly what is show on this page.