Feature Film-Quality Characters Anywhere

Ozone characters are capable of displaying a wider variety of visual characteristics made possible by our rigging philosophy, tool design, and deformation engine.

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Animation + Quality

Create feature film quality animation with real-time game engines

Bridging the gap between traditional animation and real-time storytelling with engaging and scalable characters. Create believable and dynamic characters in real-time for an enriched storytelling experience.

Expressive & Engaging Characters

Characters created in Ozone have a broader and more nuanced emotional range than characters created in traditional pipelines. The same Hollywood magic that connects with audiences in the theater is the same emotional connection you get with characters created with Ozone.

Do More in Less Time

Ozone's real-time rigs allow animators to work faster, increasing productivity and reducing project turnaround time. Our reusable rigs enable faster character deployment, so artists can focus on creating engaging, expressive characters that can be used in multiple projects.

Expressive & Engaging Characters
Accelerates Production Speed
Animate Characters with More Control
Greater Reuse
Bridges the Experience Gap

The Ozone Workflow Creates Greater Reuse

Create your character once in Ozone - then deploy and adapt it anywhere, including multiple real-time and online environments. Update rig changes across an entire family of characters with minimal effort. The production scalability and ease of use yields a better return on your character development investment, allowing shorter schedules.

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"Using Ozone Rigging Studio, our production schedule was only 4 weeks for a character, instead of the 12 weeks we spent in other tools."

Mark Andrews - Director of Super Giant Robot Brothers

Experience real-time characters in your pipeline.

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