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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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Beta Update


Welcome to another Ozone Beta Program update. We’ve been working hard this past week to bring you some exciting new features and improvements to our character rigging software. Here are some of the highlights of what we have done this week:

Sculpting with Ozone Tools (Highlights from Video Update)

  • Master Rig Organization: Experimenting with bringing master rigs into the workspace, focusing on organization and early jaw rig setup.
  • Scale Factors and AVARS: Exploring scale factors as modeling or rigging avars, intending to set them up separately for efficient testing.
  • Ozone’s Order of Operations: Demonstrating ozone’s impact on order of operations, yielding naturally creative results.
  • Sculpt Creation and Modeling: Utilizing the sculpting tool to modify shapes and create reasonable adjustments by smoothing vertices.
  • Blend Shape Transformation: Instantly transforming the smoothed shape into a blend shape, revealing the outcome after a slight delay.
  • Arc-based Shape Correction: Highlighting Ozone’s ability to create non-linear shapes effortlessly, showcasing arcs without needing multiple blend shapes.
  • Potential for Enhanced Results: Discussing the potential for even better results by cleaning up weighting.