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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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Simple Brand Guidelines

The goal of this one-sheeter is to summarize everything important there is to know about the logo building blocks — the dynamic, clear space, usage scenarios, overall structure.

01 | Primary Logo

02 | Logo Variations

03 | Download

Primary Icon

Endorsed Logo: This logo is preferred for external communications.

Icon: The icon is used as a visual anchor to tie communications back to the brand when other versions of the logo are not present. It can also be used as a design element or pattern.

Logo Variation

Below are the approved color applications for the Ozone Story Tech logo.


The full color logo is the preferred application for light backgrounds

Inverted Color:

The inverted logo is the preferred application for dark backgrounds.


White may be used on orange or other dark-colored backgrounds, or whenever greater contrast is needed (ie: when the logo is overlaid on a photo).


The logo may appear in all black when color is unavailable.