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Original Release: August 2023
In Partnership with AMD

Pioneering Real-time Storytelling

In the ever-evolving world of production, artists and creators face numerous challenges regarding character development. The reliance on traditional tools and techniques limits their ability to create unique and captivating characters that push the boundaries of storytelling. The lack of real-time capabilities hinders the interactive and immersive experience that consumers desire. Kitestring recognized these pain points and aimed to empower artists with tools that bridge the gap between traditional animation and real-time storytelling.

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Original Release: July 2023

Kitestring Studios

Kitestring Studios in partnership with AMD had an ambitious goal; to push the limits of real-time film making with current generation CPUs & GPUs. One problem that Kitestring & AMD were looking to solve was this idea of characters being built for dual release. Essentially, they wanted to have the same asset work flawlessly in Unreal Engine for a gaming application and for a cinematic quality render.

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