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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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About Ozone

We are a technology company focused on delivering outstanding 3D character creation tools. The goal is to empower creators to build the highest quality characters, build them faster and deploy them anywhere.

When We Started

In 2021 we asked ourselves: Would it be possible to change the current 3D character creation paradigm, one that has been static for 20 years, and deliver results that run in real time? To answer this question, we decided to build a prototype to test our theory. To our joy, it was a resounding success! This effort opened our eyes to the opportunity before us, building something truly special that could change the way 3D characters are made everywhere.

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In 2023

After the success of our proof of concept, we developed Ozone into a full featured prototype. This allowed us to deliver Ozone technology into production for the first time with a Netflix series called Super Giant Robot Brothers, produced at ReelFX and directed by Mark Andrews. This was an amazing experience. While certainly challenging, it proved Ozone's potential to change 3D characters production for Film, TV, Games, and Location Based Entertainment.

Wireframe Render

Example courtesy of ReelFX & Super Giant Robot Brothers

Our Core Values

Collaborate, Celebrate

Life is more about the journey than the destination. The Ozone team feels the same way about working together while building industry changing software.

Best Idea Wins

From the smallest decision to the largest ones, the best idea has to win. This is a core value for our company that starts with our leaders, to a brand new employee. Everyone has the freedom to share ideas, respectably, about anything to help make the best products possible.

The Healthy Hustle

We love to work. We love the work. We also love our families and value a life outside of work. It's important to us that everyone gets the most out of the journey we are on together.

Empathy Always

Life and work can be hard, but it's important for everyone on our team to be given the benefit of the doubt. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes is critical when working through difficult situations.

Our Company

We believe in walking our own path and not being afraid to do things a little differently.







We are a remote workforce with no dedicated office. While this has its challenges, it also allows us the freedom to build the best team from anywhere around the world. On a regular basis, we take the money we would have spent on rent, and bring everyone together to build chemistry and relationships with their fellow team members. Then we head back home recharged and ready to continue building the best software tools in the world.

We want to empower artists. This is more than a marketing slogan, it's on our hearts to give character artists, at any stage of their career, access to the best tools and techniques. We are starting with supporting large studios, as they also can take advantage of Ozone’s tools. From there, Ozone will be delivered downstream to more and more artists. Eventually giving the average student access to the same tools, with all the same capabilities, as a major studio.

Ultimately, we are artists that love to make characters. Our founders and the majority of our team come from real production so they understand how hard this work can be. Ozone gives us the unique opportunity to build the tools we have always wanted and put them in as many artists' hands as possible.