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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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Characters without Compromise

Quality characters are the embodiment of digital storytelling, bringing different themes & walks of life together through art. Ozone empowers high-fidelity character animation for use anywhere: Film, TV, Console, Mobile, VR

Creation Pipeline

Fully rigged real-time characters from Maya to Unreal Engine

With our rig library you can create animation in Maya super-fast. These meshes can then be exported and imported into Unreal Engine quickly.

Ozone Features

Create engaging, scalable characters with ease

Ozone's broad set of deformation tools layer together to create an additive result unmatched by traditional bones and blend shape workflows, providing artists complete control over shaping characters.

Rig Once, Animate Anywhere

Ozone assets are portable and deployable in any system with the Ozone execution engine, the same rig for characters across Film, TV Shows, Games, and any supported application environment.

Independent Weights

Ozone is an "Additive" deformation system, allowing each deformer its own independent weighting, making it easier to address artistic and technical feedback by isolating specific deformation ideas, and the option to reuse weights across multiple deformers.

Animated Weights

Greater visual complexity is achieved without adding rig complexity with the use of animated weights. These same animated rig component systems are also portable and reusable across the character or multiple characters.

Smarter Joints

The Ozone Joint Solver allows for independent weight maps per rotation, simplifying the rig and eliminating the need for multiple twist and pin joints to achieve the same visual effect.

Dynamic Execution (Deformers)

Independent deformers within the layered, order of operation system can be muted and reordered to give different final deformation results, creating a highly dynamic LOD system which allows games to turn on and off deformers and finetune execution of the rig at runtime.

Real-time SubDs

Ozone is the first to offer feature film quality, fully GPU accelerated, multi-level, subdivision surfaces at runtime! Weight fewer points and create characters with less data to manage overall.

Experience real-time characters in your pipeline.

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