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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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14 November

Character Technology for Film and Games | Unreal Fest 2023

Check out everything that happened this last month at Unreal Fest 2023! Our very own Rich Hurrey gave an update on Ozone, where we’re heading, and what’s coming!

Ozone’s advancements in live asset deformation, streamlined animation workflows, and integration across various platforms highlights our ability to offer high-end character rigging without compromise, catering to the needs of animators, studios, and game developers.

The 3 Takeaways:

  1. Live Assets Driven by Ozone Engine: Ozone’s unique execution engine allows for live geometry manipulation in Unreal. Rigging teams can now create a sparse cage for rigging, but during render time, the high-resolution geometry comes to life in real-time, offering exceptional detail comparable to feature animation pipelines.
  2. Efficiency and Flexibility in Animation Workflow: Ozone eliminates the need for Alembic files and simplifies the animation processes. Animators can work in Maya and seamlessly transfer animations into Unreal without the complexity of managing multiple file types, resulting in significantly smaller file sizes and ease of data transfer.
  3. Expanding Capabilities and Integration: The presentation showcases Ozone’s expansion, including connections to control rigs, allowing direct animation within Unreal. Additionally, there’s integration with MetaHuman face boards and plans to release Ozone tools for Maya, enhancing character production within a familiar environment.

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