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We’re thrilled to announce Ozone 1.0 is here!

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13 July

UE – 1 Plugin Solution & Multimesh Support

New Feature, New Development

  • Multimesh Import Support Has be Added for New Actors Authored w/Ozone
  • Ozone for Unreal Solution Merged from 2 Plugins Into 1; Bonus the Profiler Gets Common Core Improvements
  • [UE 5.2.1] Control Rig Improvements; Easy Attaching to New Ozone Characters
  • [UE 5.2.1] When users would check the enable collisions field Unreal would hard crash. Crash no longer presents. Actually enabling collisions is still being developed.
  • [UE 5.2.1] New Ozone assets authored with file format 1.1 can take advantage of the Multimesh capability and subsequent material assignments.
  • [UE 5.2.1] Added support to turn off an entire multimesh object or each mesh individually and independent of each other.
  • [UE 5.2.1] Refactored to use the built in lock guard. Added thread safety for clip overrides.